Dexta Daps 'Blessed' says social media


January 15, 2016
Dexta Daps

Nude photos of dancehall artiste Dexta Daps have been making the rounds on social media. The photos were released on Tuesday when the singer celebrated his 30th birthday, causing quite a stir.

In one of the photos, Dexta Daps is lying on his back, apparently sleeping. His underwear is pulled down and genitals fully exposed.

The images were met with mixed reaction from social-media users. Whereas some were upset and disgusted at the pictures, others, particularly women, heaped praises on the 7/11 singer, saying, he was well endowed.

"So I have seen the picture, and me haffi say Happi Birthday general! Lol you well packing me boss," one user commented.

"Publicty! Tek it and run wid it, u fully packaged and over bless ina u designer brief," another posted.

Many female users said they became fans of the deejay only after the photos were released. "That pic did no damage to Dexta's image whatsoever. ... it's all di gyal dem a talk bout. . When me see it ... I had to take several deep breaths ... OMG," one user posted.

"Seeing the pics mek mi love Dexta Daps more a swear the bwoy bless," another commented.

THE WEEKEND STAR learnt that the person behind the leak is a European woman who is known for exposing dancehall artistes. Social-media users have named the woman, labelling her a dancehall groupie, linking her to numerous dancehall artistes including Bounty Killer, I-Octane and Blak Ryno.

THE WEEKEND STAR has not confirmed whether the woman identified was, indeed, the person who leaked the photos but, at least one member of the dancehall fraternity has bought into the rumours.

After the photos were released, Foota Hype posted a picture of the woman, who had allegedly leaked them, with the following caption, "People dem say a she a di wicked gal weh send out Dexta Daps picture dem."

His post attracted further attention but this time the focus was on the woman. "Dutty gal. Why she never put it ina her mouth and tek the pic. She caan flap the deejay, him only a go get more fans," one user posted.

"When people done dem act like a Jamaican gal alone whore," another commented. "Ikr , at least we want them for them those white b....s only want them for their name," one user replied.

Efforts to get a comment from Daps or a member of his management team were futile as their numbers rang without answer.

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