Equipment hopes to bring it


January 15, 2016
Contributed Equipment

With a name like Equipment, you can bet your last dollar that this young dancehall artiste has the goods to bring it musically.

Just listen to songs such as the reggae-flavoured Drop Out where he recounts the real-life experience of losing a close friend in a drive-by shooting, using brilliant metaphors and solid hook, and you will see that Equipment is a star in the making. The song, produced by UK-based label Control Tower Squad, is making waves locally.

"The song is inspired by a true story, it happened two years ago to my friend, Bugsy, and him dead right in front of me, it could have been me, it was a random shooting pon the corner, and mi caan mek mi friend dead like that, so mi just honour his memory with a song," Equipment said.

show support

The song has been playing on HITZ FM and IRIE FM, and now, the song has begun to appear on a few mix tapes in the Corporate Area.

"Big up mixtape selectors Snapback from Portmore, DJ One Pound, Goldstar who ah show support to the Drop Out song. The song shell a year to year event in Duhaney Park the other day," he said.

He will be releasing a gangster song, Stinking Shoes, later this month.

Born Keithon Tracey, on July 7 1984, he hails from Cockburn Pen, St Andrew. A determined and talented artiste, Equipment wants to make an impact in the dancehall industry.

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