Savage hits out at Alkaline *Defends Kartel in new video


January 15, 2016
Vybz Kartel

Dancehall artiste Savage

recently published a video online via his Instagram account where he congratulated Vybz Kartel on his birthday, and weighed in on the controversy of leaked voice notes that revealed that Alkaline had always intended to copy and replace the 'Worl' Boss'.

"Big up Vybz Kartel pon him earth strong. Some fake eye bwoy jump the line, dem nah write dem song and dem not even a give the yute dem credit who a write dem song, and dem a introduce b-wash inna the people dem song. Big up Vybz Kartel, yuh write yuh owna song, happy earth strong mi G," Savage said.

The Instagram video got hundreds of likes and the majority of users agreed with Savage's comments with phrases like 'real talk', and 'ah long time mi a pree the said ting'.

Savage was making a reference to voice notes released recently, which appear to be a conversation between Alkaline and his former ghostwriter/artiste Kasanova in 2014. In the conversation, they discussed Vybz Kartel, the 'Gaza' and Alkaline's increasingly weird and erratic behaviour.

In the meantime, Savage has launched his own clothing line, Savage Savo, which features T-shirts and fitted caps.

"We will be going hard with the Team Savo promotional campaign in 2016. They will be available for sale soon. We are going to finalise details with a major apparel company soon, so that we can begin to sell the items online," Savage said.

Songs such as Hold Yuh Back on the 'Mold' rhythm and Transformer, both produced by Cornelius Daley and Dutty Fridaze Promotion, continue to do well in the streets, while Savage's breakout Culu Culu hit is bubbling on two major local dancehall charts.

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