Devin Di Dakta's manager says...'Corey Todd is a coward'

January 20, 2016
Corey Todd
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

Devin Di Dakta's manager, Shelly-Ann Curran, has revealed that she and her client will be pressing charges against businessman and club owner Corey Todd.

This, following the alleged assault of Devin Di Dakta at Taboo Nightclub on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, on Sunday night.

Curran told THE STAR that approximately 12 men were involved in the attack.

"Twelve persons come after one man, can you imagine," she said. "Some of the men hold him down, while others gave him box and kicks from all angles."

Curran said since the incident, she and Devin have received threats, but she is adamant that they will not be intimidated.

"We are not going to be intimidated. We are speaking out," she said. "This incident doesn't make Devin weak, it makes Corey a coward. Devin did not walk with an entourage. Can you imagine so many men giving you box from left, right and centre?"


Despite numerous efforts to speak to Todd or his representative, THE STAR was unsuccessful up to late yesterday. Curran said the incident was reported to the Constant Spring police, but up to press time last night THE STAR was unable to get a confirmation on this.

On Monday, evening reports surfaced that, Devin Di Dakta was beaten inside the club's parking lot after he was kicked out for allegedly assaulting one of the dancers. But Curran says the alleged assault is part of a smear campaign.

"He was kicked out and beaten, but he was not kicked out for that reason. He (Corey) told me that would be the story that would be circulated if we went to the police or pressed charges. It is not true," she said, adding that she wants Todd to release the security footage showing the incident.

Music industry

Curran also told the STAR that the entire incident was stemming from a song Devin Di Dakta recorded in 2012. "He did a diss song for Masicka in 2012 that resurfaced since his Magnum (Kings and Queens of Dancehall) win. The song had nothing to do with Corey, but during the assault he kept saying, 'yuh diss me, weh yuh call mi name inna song fah'. Even if that was the case and Devin did call his (Corey's) name, a dat di music industry gone to that you can't sing weh yuh waah sing?"

Nonetheless, Curran said Devin is ready to move past the incident. "Devin is a strong person. He is strong mentally, and he is ready to go through this."

The security company responsible for manning the grounds of the popular nightclub has released a statement on the issue. Managing director of Spy Tech, Kevin McGowan, stressed that his company does not condone the physical mistreatment of patrons.

"I assure you that the security officers who continue to display that sort of behavior are in the minority, and not employed to a professional company. This behavior is not acceptable as it brings disrepute and mistrust to other security officers who continue to carry out their duty in a very professional manner," he said in the statement.

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