#STARTop5Today: Top female singers in Jamaica

January 20, 2016

On Tuesday we gave you our top five male singers in Jamaica, so of course we had to compile the top female singers as well. This one was also a little challenging because all our ladies are a force to reckon with.

Here goes.

Marcia Griffiths- This is the woman who declared, 'I Shall Sing As Long As I Live' and we don't mind. After all, she is the proclaimed Queen of Reggae. This woman's voice is a classic. She can rock a Heineken Startime and if you put her on Reggae Sumfest, she'll rock it just the same.

Etana- When you talk about diction and clarity in singing, you can't help but think of Etana. She is truly the 'Strong One' as she has a powerful voice, range and soul. Etana is one who makes everything sound like a love song. We still have a difficulty understanding how she does that.

Tessanne- This is a given. We could not have a list and not include Jamaica's songbird, Tessanne. Tessanne's range and quality is comparable to some of the biggest names in the world. Truly, she is the VOICE.

Ikaya-  Without a doubt, Ikaya is a vocal beast! Though she deejays a lot, when she sings, she shows why she deserves a place in reggae music. Ikaya has a good 'cross-over' sound as she can belt reggae tunes  and tunes with an R&B flavour.

Nadine Sutherland- Rounding off our top five is Nadine Sutherland. Nadine  has been singing since age nine and her sound is still very timeless. The hits she gave us from the 1990s can compete with any present day song because of her youthful sound. She also has a very unique sound that is unmatched in Jamaican music. 


Do you agree with this list? Who would you add?


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