Bounty should have signed his artistes - Vegas


January 21, 2016
Bounty Killer
Mr Vegas
Bounty Killer

Bounty should have signed his artistes - Vegas

Veteran dancehall artiste Mr Vegas says iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer should have placed the artistes he exposed under contracts.

According Mr Vegas, Bounty Killer's decision to assist with the development of other recording artistes benefits dancehall and reggae music, however, the gesture could have done more to benefit the veteran dancehall artiste in terms of profit.

Although Mr Vegas and Bounty Killer were once rivals, the outspoken sinjay says credit must be given where due.

"Yuh see, Bounty Killer is a youth that has done a lot for dancehall, so you have to give credit where credit is due. Dancehall could have been way up there with Major Lazer and EDM if a man like Bounty Killer did get the international breakthrough that some artistes get. Yuh see if Bounty Killer did get the MTV and the BET and them platform deh fi introduce talent from Jamaica to the world, mi know seh with every bone inna mi body seh Bounty Killer would have taken that opportunity and dancehall music would have been a force to be reckoned with in the world," he said on his Facebook page recently.

rap moguls

Mr Vegas says Bounty Killer should have signed the artistes he exposed to his own label, taking a similar approach to rap moguls Jay-Z, Dr Dre and Lil Wayne. In such an event, he said Bounty Killer would have stood to benefit from the careers of recording artistes like Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Cham, Busy Signal and Elephant Man, who all had relatively successful international careers.

"The only thing I blame Bounty Killer for, him didn't sign some of these artistes to a label. Because mek mi tell yuh something, business is business. That is why Jay-Z and Puffy dem so rich. Suppose Jay-Z did seh, 'yow Rihanna sound good' and just introduce her to the world and don't sign her? Yuh see how much millions she making right now? That is why Jay-Z successful because it's business," he continued.

international break

"So, Mr Killer, the next artiste yuh a guh introduce to the world, mek sure seh dem sign a piece a paper seh yuh have something to do with when dem getting piece a the bread. Because mi know seh if you did get the international break weh some artistes get, dancehall music would have been more global because yuh love the music and yuh believe inna the music," Mr Vegas said.

He also recalled specific situations where Bounty Killer compromised his own time on shows because he wanted to expose artistes like Mavado.

Bounty Killer, who had started his own record label called Priceless Records in the 90s, was unavailable for comment.

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