Devin releases song about beating

January 22, 2016
File Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

"As me reach out a door, blow! Box from Corey Todd!

Me tek a couple more even though me know me bad,

Cause a bere big security man a hold me.

Bere box inna me face, likkle most me mad.

Me get a few kicks and a couple more box.

From me own belt, a couple more slaps.

Corey Todd say 'you caan go station cause the cops can't do nutten bout dat'."

Though it has been labelled as a diss song online, Shelly-Ann Curran, Devin's manager, told THE WEEKEND STAR that this was not so.

"It's just the story of what happened. He's telling about the incident in chronological order from start to finish in the form of a song," she stated.

Curran told The WEEKEND Star she will be contacting the police today for an update on their investigation. In the meantime, Devin is busy working on several projects, including an album for Sly and Robbie with Rising Star contestant JL.

He is also featured in Sly and Robbie's latest album and has been getting a buzz for his single Ayo Ayo, which will be officially launched next week along with a video.

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