JR Blessington is Jamming to Africa

January 23, 2016
Contributed JR Blessington

US-based reggae singer JR Blessington has high hopes for his latest single, Jamming to Africa, a stirring call for repatriation to the motherland.

"When I travel and observe, I realise that Africa is the fastest-growing market for reggae, and one of the fastest-growing economies. It is where we all are heading, Africa, if you have money as a black man, your intention is to go Africa to see what is going on. And the first opportunity I get, I will be going to Africa," he said.

The single will be one of the featured songs on his EP, produced by Omar Currie of the Smartkid Records label and US-based C-Town Records. Jamming to Africa is also one of the top songs on the Majestic rhythm, which features heavyweight acts such as Lutan Fyah and Zamunda.

"It was a positive vibration for me to be on the Majestic compilation. The vibration of the riddim, to me, ah say Africa, the guitar. I want to pave a better way for the ones coming in behind," he said.

Born Junior Bailey, JR Blessington is originally from Silent Hill, Christiana, Manchester. A gifted footballer, he lived in Kingston in his early teens before migrating to the USA in his late 20s.

He started to write his own songs at about 19, drawing on the influences of The Almighty, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Garnett Silk and Burning Spear.

In 2012 he linked up with Burn Unit Productions and became the first reggae artiste on their label. In 2014 he released his debut album, Son Of The Soil.

Now, this son of the soil is back in the island where he will be recording singles to complete the six-song EP, Hope.

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