D-Rich's Yuh Gone hits the charts


January 28, 2016
Contributed D-Rich

Talented dancehall artiste D-Rich may be on the verge of scoring his first breakthrough hit as the video for his current single, Yuh Gone jumped on the FIWI Choice Top Ten chart last week.

"It's a good look, the video is also in rotation on several cable stations and I have been getting a response in the streets from the song, so 2016 looks great so far," D-Rich said.

D-Rich is a talented rhyme-spitter known for his ice cube clear sound and sick rhymes. He jumped into the public spotlight with a racy video last month for another single, Hold Me. The young deejay's 'Uprising' mixtape has been generating a buzz in the Corporate Area.

"I got the most response from songs such as Hold Me and Yuh Gone. The Hold Me video got me into a bit of trouble with one of the girls as her man found out but right now, everything good," he said, laughing.

The sexually-charged video was shot at Whispers Guest House on Gretna Green Avenue in the Corporate Area. Directed by Wayne South, who also shot the Yuh Gone visual, the video has several scenes which are for mature audiences only and racked up thousands of views online.

"I love the response I have been getting to both videos, especially Yu Gone, because it deals with a situation, losing a loved one, that most people can identify with," an elated D-Rich, who was born Dwayne Ritchie, said.

You can follow him on Instagram at DEE_RICHDNB, or Facebook at Di Newbreed Riich.

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