VOWPAM using art forms to spread the gospel

January 28, 2016
Contributed Members of VOWPAM during one of their acts.

Art forms like dancing, human videos and miming are becoming increasingly popular and in the world of gospel it is no less pervasive. A Christian group, Vessels of Worship Performing Arts Ministry (VOWPAM), uses these art forms to spread the gospel.

"VOWPAM is made up of teenagers to young adults who use our talents to portray the gospel of Christ. This is done through drama, theatre, music and so on. We do some other dramatic expressions that you don't normally see, like pantomimes and so forth," said Chenelle Morris, VOWPAM's founder and director.

VOWPAM seeks to target young people and feels that spreading the gospel through the performing arts is an effective tool.

"People can relate to the arts. We learn a lot based on visuals, by seeing things, rather than by just listening. Youth love to be active and like to participate in engaging activities that offer opportunities for exposure. That is what performing arts give," Morris explained.

Tomorrow, the group will host its second major production, 'The Battle - the fight for man's soul', which will touch on topical issues affecting young people and the body of Christ in today's society.

"We have struggles every single day of our lives. There is not a day that goes by that we don't fight. Whether it is seen or unseen, we want to allow each person who comes to the production to realise the tactics, and strategies that are there and the fact that the enemy is always throwing darts at us. We want to see how we can teach, educate and uplift persons to fight the right way," Morris told The STAR.

The event is at the Eastwood Park Road New Testament Church of God at 6 p.m. Tickets are pre-sold at Gorgeous Flowers, 85 Hagley Park Road for $700, but cost $800 at the gate, while children pay $300.

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