Bridgez does it 'My Way'


January 29, 2016

Dancehall artiste Bridgez Beretta is on the verge of a major breakthrough with her latest single, 'My Way', an unapologetic club-banger that will resonate with any rebellious, non-conforming individual, who doesn't want to be controlled by society's expectations.

"The song is basically something anyone can relate to, cause everybody wants to live their life their way, free from people's expectations and pressures. I've been told that it's definitely an anthem," she said.

The single is produced by Diamond Music Empire on the 'Nikita' rhythm, which also features breakout dancehall star Shauna Chin.

"The reaction I've been getting is very overwhelming, and the song hasn't even been out a week yet. Fans on my social media keep commenting on how positive and uplifting the lyrics are and how much they love it," she said.


The song is generating a lot of buzz, stateside, and the momentum is picking up locally as well.

"The label Diamond Music Empire is based in the US, so they are promoting the song a lot overseas first, and then we gonna turn up the promotion out here in Jamaica when it hits iTunes on the second of February.

Sunjock JJwizzle premiered it on SunCity last week, and the feedback was amazing!" she said.

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