Charlie Chaplin promotes new single


January 29, 2016
Charlie Chaplin

Veteran dancehall legend Charlie Chaplin will be stepping up promotion of his latest single, 'Freedom', in coming weeks.

"Freedom is about a girl and a man who have been in a relationship for a long time, coming from far, but because of overseas influence, she said that she wanted her freedom to go and do what she wants. After going abroad, and realising that it is not what she expected, she wants to return," Chaplin explained.

He will also shoot a video for the project. Chaplin remains active on the reggae-dancehall circuit. A few weeks ago, he did a show in Toronto, Canada, at the West Indies Cultural Centre.

"I have also done shows like Garance Reggae Festival and other major shows in places such as London, Lilly, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria," he said.

"I really love to connect with the fans. It is a feeling that cannot be explained. Sometimes when I look at the forwards I get for songs like Cry Blood, which is a big crowd favourite wherever I go in the world. I just have to give thanks."

The principal will be releasing a studio album during summer, this year, his first in 27 years, since Two Sides of Charlie Chaplin for RAS Records.

"This album will consist of 12 tracks and one bonus track. The name has not been decided yet. It will either be Royal Blessings or Armageddon," he said.

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