Konshens is back!


January 29, 2016
Contributed Konshens

After extensive touring and non-stop shows worldwide, dancehall superstar Konshens has now returned to Jamaica and is focused on

rekindling the fire in the genre that brought him international success.

Following a series of mixed fortunes last year in which he experienced major losses and wins, the deejay says he considers it all a part of growth and only has his eyes on progress.

Konshens has been missing from the local scene for most of 2015. His last major hit dates back to three years ago. However, he continues to remain in the hearts of his many fans in the dancehall arena, where many have expressed concerns and disappointment with his absence and lack of material.

"It's not really lack of material; mi still put out nuff work, but when you can't be physically here to promote and share the experience with the industry players, it's really difficult. Mi deh yah, man. Dancehall is a energy industry and people in deh sensitive; yuh cyaa have one foot in an' one foot out. Mi love dancehall and the fans gimmie everything, so mi ago jus' show dem weh mi stand up. Still ago tek on outta road because out deh a mine, to, but a yasso di real love deh," the deejay explained.


The high-spirited and expressive singjay also highlighted that locally, he is a major force in music, although he believes he hasn't done enough to own it. He has done a lot charity-wise, and has consistently been embraced by corporate Jamaica.

The artiste is focusing on releasing and promoting new material for his dancehall fans. Turn Up, produced by Jeremy Harding and Konshens' production partner, Markhize, has racked up over 300,000 views in a month, but it's songs like Hustle Hard and MTBW and an unreleased, unnamed track produced by Birch that will be his main focus.

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