Spice praises social media for brand building

February 01, 2016
Dancehall artise Spice

STAR artiste of the month Spice says that social media is very important to contemporary recording artistes as the technology helps to extend the reach of their respective brands.
According to the Needle Eye deejay, a viral post can be good promotion for one’s music.
“Social media is extremely important because it brings you closer to your fans and helps you to interact. It can also help to make your content viral and your fans become a part of the process. For example, So Mi Like It has 30 million views, and social media played a major role in that,” she said.
Some artistes have employed publicists to control their social media content; however, Spice says that she manages her own content in order to give her fans a better idea of her real personality.
“I operate my own page, especially my Instagram. As an artiste, even if you have a PR person, they don’t really understand how you would truly respond to your fans, and I want to be true to my fans so they get a sense of realness as to who I am. So I control my pages as much as possible,” she said.
Spice can be found on Instagram @spiceofficial, spiceofficially on Facebook, and @spiceofficial on Twitter. Of the three popular social media outlets, the deejay says she has a preference for Instagram.





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