Freddie McGregor talks striking the balance between fatherhood and music

February 02, 2016
Freddie McGregor with two of his children

It is Black History Month and we are celebrating black brilliance.

Today we salute a veteran artiste and model dad, Freddie McGregor.

It is true that there is a form of stigma attached to black fathers, especially those who have managed to make a name for themselves.

But McGregor has managed to defy the odds and strike the perfect balance between his thriving career and his role as a father.

"We must admit as fathers that some of us get caught up with the hype and the glare and the glitter and sometimes tend to forget who we are. People who are not fully grounded could be caught up in the hype. Some fathers have become neglectful because of that but when I go out there to work, my main goal is to come home and take care of the family. Life has ups and downs but I say family first," he said.

One may wonder about some important  values that he has instilled in his children who are also successful in their careers. But for McGregor, it all boils down to knowing one's self.

"It is important for them to be rooted and grounded and rounded in the things that are important and that will help them to be successful in their own endeavours. I always try to teach them to remember who they are, where they are coming from and where they aspire to go. These are the things that will drive them into positive directions," McGregor told THE STAR.

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