Blak Ryno signs new artiste


February 03, 2016
Contributed Blak Ryno (left) and Linky First

Dancehall star Blak Ryno is stepping into a music executive role as head of his own record label, Garrison Records, and has signed an artiste, Linky First.

"Linky First is very talented and I will be spending the time to develop his talent, any rhythm that I record on, you can look out for a song from him as well. I will also be in charge of his bookings and ensuring that he gets on stage shows, and the world gets to discover his talent," Blak Ryno said.

Ryno was a member of Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, and launched his own record label two years ago. He has already recorded a combination single, Beautiful, featuring Linky First.

Linky First, born Jason Henriques, grew up in Old Harbour before relocating to Portmore. He attended Tacius Golding High. He migrated after leaving school and has been travelling between New York and Jamaica.

He has performed at events at clubs such as Albany Manor, CafE Omar and Amazura in the New York area, sharing the stage with artistes such as Ninja Kidd, Vershon and Blak Ryno himself.

Blak Ryno is looking forward to a successful partnership.

"Making music is good but, as I have come to learn, the industry is more about the business than the music itself, and many artistes fail to recognise that. This, I believe, is a great business move," he said.

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