Gospel artiste Carlene Davis talks how cancer changed her life

February 04, 2016
Gospel artiste, Carlene Davis

"At that point and time in my life, the word cancer, you don't want to hear it, you don't want to discuss it. It just throws so much fear," said Carlene Davis as she reflected on the time she was diagnosed with cancer.

When contacted the veteran singer told the STAR that like everyone else she too had a fear of the illness she defeated some 20 years ago.

"When that news came, that the diagnosis was cancer, you can imagine. But my fear wasn't something, I outwardly shared. It was more of an internal thing. I never spoke to anybody about it. I was just locked. The amazing thing is, I never asked myself, 'why me?'," she said. 

Of course, no one wants to hear that a loved one is diagnosed with an illness as life-threatening as cancer and in Davis' case it was no different.

"My husband, he was totally losing it in his own quiet way. He was the one who went and got the report and he drove around for hours, he didn't know how to bring it to me because he was having such a hard time dealing with it, himself," Davis expressed.

At the time, Davis reflected a lot on her children.

"I was saying 'would I live to see my children fulfill their dreams?'"

But the diagnosis changed Davis' life for the better. She renewed her commitment with Christ, something she believes is a central part of her healing.

"As I surrendered my life, I slowly saw myself healed. I saw myself standing in front of people sharing my testimony and I came to know that, that's faith. I saw myself healed as I submitted my life to Christ. As I started serving Him in a deeper way, I saw myself healed," Davis told the STAR.

"Recently, there was a survey that spoke about people in hospital and those who pray or who were prayed for, the doctors say, they saw a major difference in their recovery-because of the mind. The renewing of the mind and what you absorb," she added.

Though she assuredly stated that cancer and sickness are not of God, she believes God allowed her to go through the process for a reason.

For persons struggling with cancer, Davis has a simple advice.

"Put your trust in God, really just lay everything before Him and say 'ok God, my life is in your hand'," she said.


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