G Whizz moves Forward In Faith


February 05, 2016
Contributed G Whizz

Singer-songwriter G Whizz is once again bringing words of encouragement to his fans, this time with his latest single entitled 'Forward In Faith', produced by TJ Records.

"This song represents the everyday life of the people, the struggle they face, and the determination to keep going no matter the hardship. I released the official video late last week and, so far, the response has been good," stated G Whizz.

Directed by Carlington Wilmot of Outaroad, the video for Forward in Faith was shot across several locations in downtown Kingston.

Known for a string of hits including Life, On & On, Bartender, and Can't Love You Like Me, featuring D Angel, G Whizz revealed that he has a lot more music on the way.

"Well, right now, I'm putting all the focus on this song. I want to ensure it gets the justice it deserves, but I definitely have more music on the way. Look out for another track coming on the Warrior Muzik label from Dameon Gayle," he said.

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