Rihanna blasted for singing gibberish in her new single

February 05, 2016

Mega star Rihanna is facing a great deal of backlash for he latest single, Work, that features Drake.

Critics are saying, the Umbrella singer is only mumbling gibberish for most parts of the track.

With lines like:

"Work, work, work, work, work, work. When you ah guh learn, learn, learn, learn, learn? Meh nuh care if him hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurting," many are calling this one a disaster.

"I wonder how much Rihanna got paid to mumble gibberish in work?" one social media questioned.

"Rihanna literally speaking gibberish in her new song," another commented.

But a number of Jamaicans are fuming, noting that the singer was actually using patois and not gibberish.

"So ppl are saying Rihanna is speaking gibberish in her new song WORK, and they mad, I wish ppl would've just looked the song up before they spoke, it's not gibberish, the language is called patois, let's not be so negative and ignorant ppl, get it together," one Facebook user wrote.

"The same people that called Rihanna's patois in Work gibberish are the same people that go to Jamaica on vacation, get their hair braided and talk about 'irie, mon' Don't play," another wrote.

But while others disagree with the gibberish reference, some also disagree with those who believed she was speaking patois.

"Rihanna is Bajan. She is not speaking "Jamaican Patois". STOP WRITING THESE ARTICLES," one Facebook user commented.




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