Sonsie X happy with 'The Love Nest'.


February 05, 2016
Contributed Sonsie X

International dub poet and neo-soul artiste Sonsie X is enjoying much attention with her single, The Love Nest. The Love Nest has taken root with many. With its sultry, seductive, and powerful lyrics, it is a creative approach to spoken word. The song blends roots and culture reggae.

"I am very happy with the response I am getting with this single. It's getting a lot of support and I am grateful for the love," said Sonsie X.

Sonsie X (given name Sonsie Bell) hails from Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. Born in Kingston and raised in Barton and New York City, she has experienced the beautiful diversity of the reggae culture that now captivates and plays such an important role in her life.

"My inspiration behind reggae music and music in general, I believe, generates from my love and passion for beats. I've concluded that reggae music has the ability to bridge cultural divides, empower individuals and communities, raise social awareness, and promote togetherness as an invaluable tool necessary to encourage, educate, and heal today's society," the artiste said.

Sonsie X is meticulously working with Kevin Payday of Payday Music and Austin Green on her debut album, which will include her aforementioned single.

"The approach will be a bit different, but as a musician, you're expected to do music, and music is universal. So it will also be a new, refreshing experience for me," said Payday.

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