Devin Di Dakta's manager says he was not offered $1million from Corey Todd

February 08, 2016

The rumour mill has been spinning for over a week with word that dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta received $1million from businessman Corey Todd to drop charges against him.

The Magnum King was allegedly badly beaten by Todd a few weeks ago inside the parking lot of a nightclub operated by Todd.

But, Devin's manager, Shelly Ann Curran told the STAR, that there is absolutely no truth to claims that Todd offered her artiste money.

"No truth! No truth! I heard that story last week. He has been offered nothing. From the day Corey Todd called my pone, I've not heard from him since. Anything else so far has been through the police.There has been no offer nor acceptance," she stated.

Curran also said that it was brought to her attention that Todd has left the island since the incident.

"Until he returns to the island, the police cannot press charges or call him in for further questioning. As far as we know he has not returned to the island. We are waiting for a day for justice to be served. It cannot be served with him, where he is," Curran told the STAR.

And though a number of persons have argued that no member of the dancehall fraternity has stood up for the young artiste since his beating incident, Curran told the STAR that a number of artistes have reached out to Devin.

"Bling Dawg, Demarco,  a number of artistes. A lot of them are saying they don't endorse it. They are pretty much making sure that they are in solidarity with Devin and the future that he has," she said.

As for Devin, he is not allowing the matter to slow him down. he has since signed an endorsement deal with Magnum Tonic Wine and as for music, Devin has been working hard.

"He's great. He's concentrating on his album that is soon to be released with Sly and Robbie. He just performed for Bob Marley's festival this weekend. He did Grand Prix, he's booked for Champs. He's just continuing with what he loves to do and that is producing music," Curran said.


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