Foota Hype says his ex Ishawna is only hot on social media

February 09, 2016

Outspoken dancehall selector and in recent times businessman, Foota Hype, is suggesting that his ex-girlfriend, Ishawna is not creating much buzz in the music.

In an interview, with Winford Williams on Onstage Saturday night, Foota Hype was asked to list persons who are hot and who are not. Ishawna happened to be among those, not so hot. 

"My ex, she get a likkle glory and me no see it manifest into the right thing. She a do two likkle songs but dem nah run di place. She social media hot but she no really hot. Anno like you can go party and hear dem play, two, three Ishawna weh a run di place," he said.

He hailed Spice as the hottest female artiste right now, especially since Lady Saw's departure from dancehall.

"Lady Saw step out and gone over the gospel side, so basically Spice has no competition inna the world. She need fi jus run wid dis, voice hard," he said.

And he did not hesitate to offer a word of advice to Spice.

"It might soun a way but wherever she perform and where she lacking, she can watch some Lady Saw and incorporate weh Saw ingredient is wid fi har own and become the full package. Because a she everybody ago call," he added.


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