Marley calls John Q to Jamaica

February 09, 2016
Contributed John Q

Ever since he was 11, recording artiste John Q was inspired by reggae music and the songs of the legendary Bob Marley.

"My whole interest in Jamaica came from reggae music," said the recording artiste born John Kwesi Quansah in the West African nation of Ghana.

"Without the Rasta man, there would no reggae music, there would be no Jamaica."

He explained that several of Marley's songs resonated with him and made him a fan of the genre that had its genesis on the Caribbean island. "Feel it in the one drop, the first time I listened to it [one drop], it was so inspirational. Then Africa Unite, for the first time I was seeing somebody putting into words what I envisioned as a child and, lo and behold, it came from nobody else than the Honourable Bob Marley."

John Q, for the last 25 years, has been living in the United States. He was in Kingston, at the home of the reggae legend, Tuff Gong Studios. There, he recorded six tracks for an upcoming album being produced by Sidney Mills for his label, SPI Music, and featured the talents of keyboardist Franklyn 'Bubbler' Waul, drummers Wilburn 'Squiddly' Cole and C-Sharp, as well as bass guitarist Errol 'Flabba Holt' Carter.

The album, yet to be given a title, is intended to be a coming together of the two nations, John Q said. "I have always been an advocate for Jamaica-Ghana unity, and so my album is basically going to be African music on a Jamaican foundation. I am building an African house on a Jamaica foundation so the roots of the music, the instrumentals and the entire creation of the instrumental aspect, are being handled by professional Jamaican musicians. It's Jamaica and Ghana coming together."

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