Cocoa Tea disconnects Digicel

February 11, 2016
Cocoa Tea

In between making a very good impression on the audience at Sabina Park, Kingston, on Sunday night with his songs and paying respects to persons like Gregory Isaacs, singer Cocoa Tea chastised Digicel.

Redemption Live, the annual, concert celebrating Bob Marley's birthday, is put on by the telecommunications company.

Performing in the later stages of the concert, after Tanya Stephens, Morgan Heritage, Iba Mahr, Kelissa and Andrew Tosh, among others, Cocoa Tea's accustomed opening Rastaman Chant struck the right note with the audience. However, despite a supportive audience and his voice being in good mettle, it was soon clear that Cocoa Tea was not a happy man.

"From me reach ya tonight a pure joke a gwaan," Cocoa Tea said, before honouring Bob Marley with Waiting in Vain. After doing his own Buss Outta Hell and Love Me Truly, repeatedly encouraging an enthusiastically cooperative audience to sing along, Cocoa Tea disconnected Digicel from the possibility of him doing the concert next year.

"Digicel, don't call me forward next year," Cocoa Tea said. There was more music with Love Me Truly and She Loves Me Now. "Dem say we a ol' foot. Ol' foot cyaa mash up stage show. Oonu want me leave?" There was a chorus of no.

The night's closing performer, Sizzla, also addressed Digicel directly. "Digicel rich y'nuh. Now, I am very respectful of this opportunity," Sizzla said. Indicating an item he was wearing, Sizzla asked the audience to identify the colours, which were red, gold, green and black.

""You see any company, anybody inna de worl', any company tek de red, gol' an green, mus help me with the matters of the nation," he said. Red and green are prominent in Digicel's colour scheme. "So all you big corporate sponsors, I am asking you kindly to help me with the welfare of the nation."

Sizzla's Bob Marley tribute song was Coming in from the Cold and he worked in the Redemption Live organisers' name in, singing "Digicel, you Digicel, it's you I'm talking to/Would you let the system let you kill your brother man..."

At another point, after asking if his performance was being streamed live, Sizzla said, "Digicel mus gi me nuf money fe people whe a suffer ... Digicel, a de right person yu bring, Sizzla. Yu name Digicel, so your duty is to promote and publish."

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