Frassman releases Pop Off


February 11, 2016

Connecticut-based dancehall artiste Frassman is creating waves with his latest single 'Pop Off'. The song, based on a personal experience, was produced by NS Music Enterprise LLC.

"Pop Off is the realest song right now. It basically speaks about people who are only around you for what they can gain, but when the bad times set in, they are nowhere to be found.

"I went through a situation in my career and I realised that some people were just there to benefit. It's a real song. That is why I put so much emotion into it," Frassman explained.

Frassman is in Jamaica stepping up promotion of the song. With the assistance of street promoter Andrew Powell of Stampede Street Charts, Frassman has made appearances at several weekly street dances and events.

Frassman, originally from Waltham Park, Kingston, migrated to Hartford, USA, in 2002. The former Norman Manley High School student made his recording debut in 2001 on the Virus rhythm produced by Manatee Records, a label run by his brother Delon Reid.

Hot Gal Check In

"I have another song called Hot Gal Check In produced by Shaney Records and featured on the Gal Fever riddim. That song is getting a lot of airplay and some positive feedback.

"It's a song for the females to represent themselves on a level," Frassman said.

Commenting on his forthcoming album for which Pop Off is the lead single, Frassman said the project will showcase a different side of him.

"2016 is a serious year for me. Right now, I'm doing something new and experimenting with different beats. Our in-house producers at NS Music worked on the album, but we haven't given it a name as yet. It will be out by summer," he said.

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