Social media condemns video of little girl girating to adult songs

February 11, 2016

A video of a female child dancing to some popular dancehall songs at an event following the Nomination Day activities on Tuesday has been making the rounds on Facebook and has left many users upset.

The video shows the small child executing popular dance moves to songs such as Razor B’s Hot Up, Aidonia’s Fi Di Jockey and Nuh Boring Gyal. 

A circle forms around her as she dances, the by-standers cheer her on while the selector is heard calling for someone from the audience to challenge the young girl to a dance off for a crate of Heineken.

The video which has racked up some 40,000 views has sparked outrage from social media users who believe that the behavior displayed by the child is too mature for her age.

“Look at all the big people them condoning this slackness,” one user posted. “Where are the parents? What's wrong with these careless mothers, SMH,” it continued.

“What a disgrace to the young generation smh. And the parents are to be blamed for this slackness,” said another.

In condemning the video, others drew on the politics card as the young girl was clad in the colours of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

“And this is the government unuh wah run Jamaica so shit like this can gwan more often? Ppl open unuh eyes,” one user commented. “Look wa JLP a promote,” another posted.

Still using the political angle, other users defended the party while condemning the incident.

“JLP a mi party, but mi naaw condone this slackness, pickney a pickney and them must stay in them lane and stop behave like big woman,” one user posted.

“Seriously! Only a careless parent would engage their child in politics at that age. Illiteracy is in abundance…under age should not be entertained in politics,” said another.

While many voiced their disgust at the video others were in support of it stating that there is nothing wrong with the little girl dancing and enjoying herself as dancing is a part of Jamaica’s culture.

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