CK turns blood donor after tragedy


February 12, 2016
Contributed Ricardo Foster, Blood Bank Technical Assistant, checks CK's blood type before she donates blood

The tragedy involving dancehall entertainer J Capri pushed singer Clara 'CK' Kahwa to become a blood donor for the first time.

Her friend, J Capri, was injured and later died after a car accident last year, but a call made by J Capri's family for blood donations to help in her surgery made CK see the need for giving.

"I now look at blood donation differently," the artiste said. "I realise that it can help to save someone's life."

The blood donated by her friends and fans had allowed J Capri to have her surgery. CK said although her friend died, the fact that the family had to call on the public for help, and the impact of those donations, made her realise that she could make a big difference through a small sacrifice.

Unable to donate at the time of the accident, she supplemented her diet and determined that she would participate in a recent Jamaica National (JN) Group blood drive. The singer, who is also a JN Group team member, explained, "If you can give when there is such a great need, then you should."

Igol Allen, blood donor organiser for the NBTS, pointed out that the country needs approximately 60,000 units of blood annually for its medical services to function at their best, but only half of that requirement is being met.

The blood drive was held at the JN Conference Centre on Duke Street in Kingston. A total of 39 units of blood were collected in the JN Group blood drive.

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