D-Major collabs with Timeka Marshall

February 12, 2016

D-Major and sexy Guyanese songstress Timeka Marshall have dropped a new single in time for Valentine's Day.

Meant For Me was released last weekend on the Warrior Musik label, produced by Dameon Gayle.

Gayle also shot videos for the singles That's What Loves About and Girl of My Dreams for the well-muscled recording artiste.

D-Major said the song and video were released together as they had been on the shelf for some time.

"The song and video were done probably 2014, but we saw it fitting now. The time it right, it's close to Valentine's Day and we are building nice momentum with new music and everything, so these songs that were recorded before that we believe are strong singles, we are releasing some of them as well new songs," he said.

He said he was excited about the release of the song that, along with his other hot new single, Deal Is Done, on the 'Cold Hearts' rhythm, has been helping the singer win a horde of new fans locally and overseas.

Meant For Me should also see him win new fans on the South American continent where Marshall has been making a name for herself. "Timeka Marshall has her following in Guyana and other territories. It's a good look, it's expanding my reach to people who will be fans of this collaboration," said D-Major, who is now being managed by Kingy Lettman. "It's a love song, that everybody can relate to," he added.

He said, the song has generated a lot of positive feedback.

"Everybody is saying they can relate to the song and how strong the video is. Everybody seems to want to watch it and telling others to do so too."

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