Stevie Face to honor Terror Fabulous


February 12, 2016
Stevie Face
Terror Fabulous

Reggae singer/entrepreneur Stevie Face plans to honour Terror Fabulous for his contribution to dancehall music.

In a recent interview, he said he did not believe that the dancehall deejay, who enjoyed a golden run in the 1990s, has received the respect he deserves.

"Terror Fabulous is a great artiste, look at all the hits he made in the '90s, look at Billboard-charting songs like Gangster and Action with Nadine Sutherland. He was right up there with the cream of the crop in dancehall music in the 90s," he said. "Everyone experiences good times and bad times in life and Terror has been going through some issues over the last few years, but that doesn't mean that he should be denied the love and respect of his peers. He's one of the unsung heroes of dancehall music."

An award for excellence in music will be presented to Terror Fabulous at an event that will be held on Saturday, March 26 to celebrate the second anniversary of the Advanced Service Station, which owned and operated by Stevie Face in Albion, St Thomas.

"Terror Fabulous deserves acknowledgement for his contribution to the local music industry. That's why I am going to give him this award," said Stevie Face, whose real name is Anwar Hanchard.

The Advanced Service Station Second Anniversary party will feature performances from a number of artistes, including Terror Fabulous, Mr Lexx and Venjahnce. Top jocks Arif Cooper, DJ Nicco and Kurt Riley will provide the musical juggling.

This event is sponsored by O'land Denham Transport Company Limited, Advanced Alignment and Accessories and the Advanced Service Station.

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