Target Systems making strides


February 13, 2016

Over the past year, Target Systems sound system has quickly carved out a reputation for vibesy juggling, its powerful sound boxes, and its retro mix tapes.

The sound is making a big push in the Corporate Area as it continues to build its reputation one dance at a time. The sound is booked to perform at Magnum Swaggtelligence Ikel Marvlus Birthday Bash, which also features Ishawna, Vershon, Jahmeil at Skateland, 121 Windward Road.

?The dates are coming in. People are starting to recognise how vibesy our selectors are. If is even 15 people in a the dance, we can mek dem run up and down and gwaan wid a bag a tings,? Alanso McKoy, owner of the Target Systems, said.

Other dates include Easter Rumble, Monday, March 28, at the Stockhol Park sports complex in Highgate, St Mary, and an event dubbed ?We Nuh Frighten Fi House Pon Di Hill? on March 12, featuring Jahmeil and Dimon Treajah at Cassinor Drive, Naggo Head, Portmore.

Although the sound system is not a ?clash sound?, McKoy is a big fan of the sound-clash culture. McKoy, who is also a selector of the sound, praised the manner in which artiste Junior Gong and the Welcome to Jamrock team took the sound clash culture in Jamaica?s dancehall to the world during the recently concluded ?Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise?.

?On the night of the sound clash between Bass Odyssey, Metromedia, and Mighty Crown from Japan, at least 90 per cent of the patrons had no idea what a sound clash was or had ever experienced a sound clash. However the host did a fabulous job explaining what a sound clash was all about,? McKoy said.

McKoy had high praises for the organisers as the audience had a rip-roaring good time.

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