Artistes show love to U-19 cricketers

February 15, 2016
File Tanto Blacks
Richie Stephens

On Valentine's Day, the widely celebrated day of love, Jamaican recording artistes expressed nothing but love for the West Indies Under-19 team, which won the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup for the first time in Bangladesh, yesterday.

West Indies, the underdogs in the tournament, managed to defeat three-time champions India with five wickets still standing and three balls to spare.

The win was a source of great pride and joy for numerous recording artistes who spoke with THE STAR.

The 'Real Rich' dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks said he was overjoyed when he learned of the historic win. "It's a good look for Jamaica and the whole Caribbean. It bring we back pon the map again so that the youths coming up can hear great things about West Indies cricket again," he said.

In his usual jovial manner, Tanto jeered at the Indian cricket team, saying, "A weh India a go? You nuh see a West Indies win? What's India's first name? India. What's India's last name? Lose. What's all of their name? India lose!"

Tanto also had a word of encouragement for the youngsters. "Me want dem keep focused and continue the good work because me want to hear good things about West Indies cricket all when me old and grey," he said.

Fellow recording artiste D-Major also sang praises for the team's surprise victory. "The win is definitely good news. India is one of the dominant forces in cricket and West Indies was able to defeat them. That's definitely a step in the right direction for West Indies cricket, " he said.

proper management

D-Major also took the opportunity to offer advice and encouragement to the team. "They just need proper management so that they can make the transition to the senior field. Continue to do what you're doing. It's obviously working, " he said.

Female dancehall artiste Pamputtae was equally excited about the momentous victory.

"We ting tun up till it buck! Oh my God! Me feel good fi know seh India a di top team and West Indies take dem out!" she exclaimed.

She also said that the win was significant as it showed that the Caribbean, Jamaica in particular, is not only good at track and field. Pamputtae, obviously a food lover, credited the team's victory to the "good food" of the Caribbean. "A we have the best food outta everywhere me go. A it do the tings dem fi help we win," she joked.

Grammy award winner Richie Stephens also shared in the West Indies' Under-19 victory. "As a West Indian myself , I feel especially grateful when there is a major title or any other win for the Caribbean. When any form of win comes our way, we have to celebrate it in a big way," he said.

He also encouraged the team to continue working hard because, as he put it, "the work has just begun". He continued: "The world is looking on them as the champions now, so the pressure is on to continue doing well."

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