Popular Jamaican doctor and comedian gets BBC feature

February 17, 2016

Gynaecologist and comedian, Dr Michael Abrahams is going places, literally.

Abrahams was recently featured on BBC Newsday for his creative, musical take on the Zika virus.

The song which is titled, We nuh want ZIKV, hears Dr Abrahams telling people to "mash up all mosquito breeding site" and he also warns pregnant ladies, to protect themselves and their babies. 

"It took me by surprise. I just did it to warn Jamaicans. The feedback has been good. It is good PR for my country so I like that," Abrahams told the STAR.

He says minister with responsibility for health, Horace Dalley encouraged him to do the song.

"I had CHIKV and I made a song about it. So  One day Horace Dalley asked me why I don't do a song about ZIKV so I went to Wayne Armond and he made the rhythm and I told him we needed to put it out visually as well," he said.

"I posted it on my Facebook page and YouTube channel and that was it. I am happy to know that it is being recognized globally. The ministry of health posted it as well. It makes us look good and the ministry of health could use a makeover anyway," he added.

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