Busy Signal back on EDM festival

February 19, 2016
Busy Signal

Fans of entertainer Busy Signal may have been disappointed when the artiste announced that he would not be making an appearance at the Paradise Lost EDM festival come March.

They can now breathe a sigh of relief as it has been announced that the entertainer will be performing, as originally scheduled.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the show's organisers they revealed that everything was back on track. Keona Williams, PR consultant for Paradise Lost, told THE WEEKEND STAR the entertainer was paid his deposit and will be performing.

She also explained that the entertainer was only just receiving his deposit as the money had to be approved.

"It's an international company and he (Busy Signal) was added to the show's line-up at the last minute, therefore his payment, disbursement and approval took some time," she said.

"We have directors, both locally and overseas, so we can't just go into pocket and pay him like that, it's a process. He has been paid now and everything is running according to schedule once more."

On Tuesday, Busy Signal took to his Instagram page to announce that he would not be performing at Paradise Lost because he had not received the deposit necessary to secure his place on the show's line-up. His post has since been removed.

Busy Signal has been known to experiment with EDM in his projects. His hit single, Watch Out For This, saw award-winning producers Major Lazer fusing elements of dancehall music with EDM instrumentation.

The record performed reasonably well internationally and was certified platinum in France and Belgium, as well as gold in Italy. Earlier this month, organisers of Paradise Lost added a strong contingent of Jamaican acts to its already impressive line-up.

The festival, which will bring EDM superstars Bassnectar and Tiesto to the island, announced that in addition to Busy Signal, other Jamaican acts including Sean Paul, Alric and Boyd, Arif Cooper, Electra, Jah Cure, and Kamal Bankay have been added to the show.

Produced by Caribbean Trans Media Jamaica, NBBL and HMRA, the Paradise Lost festival is set take place at Grizzly's Plantation Cove, Richmond, St Ann, March 10 - 12.

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