Konshens pledges more time to local fans

February 19, 2016
Contributed Konshens

Dancehall star Konshens plans to show his local fans much love for 2016 by spending more time at home while unleashing a barrage of hit songs that will see him re-establish himself locally.

"I just plan to be here in Jamaica a lot more," he told THE WEEKEND STAR. "There has been a kind of disconnect with me and my Jamaican fans and also the industry players because mi always out a road!"

"Dancehall is a business that you have to present to be present", he reasoned. "It's so organic, and the people love to feel like you want them to be a part of your movement and that you appreciate them. I do, and I'm just going to place more emphasis on those facts. The fans miss me in the mix of things, but mi deh yah now."

As a demonstration of his sincerity, he promises to deliver an avalanche of new music that he believes will keep his many fans satisfied.

"The main one is a track for the girls produced by (Christopher) Birch called Bruk Off. That one is sure, fyah! I have nuff bad song fi di street though: Protect Me by UIM, Hussle Hard by Seanizzle, and a track I did in an effort to appeal to the youths to stop gun violence and big up the fallen ones called Salute by Touchpoint Music, to name a few. I also have some big bomb fi drop with Stephen and Russian," Konshens revealed.

Meantime, he has a hectic schedule to fullfil in the coming days. He leaves the island today for St Thomas in the Virgin Islands before returning home for parties in Westmoreland and Christiana, Manchester. The Nine-Mile Music Festival in Miami is next before he heads out to the United Kingdom and France until March 19.

After that, he plans to be home until the summer. But until then, it will be "straight Jamaica promotion in the streets". he said.

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