Shane O collabs with Gully Bop


February 19, 2016
File Shane-O

Dancehall star Shane O got a huge boost via social media recently when a freestyle video featuring him spitting out some rhymes in a friendly clash with Gully Bop, racked up over 600,000 views online.

"The video with me and Gully Bop a dee-jay went viral in two to three days. It get over 600,000 views, and the streets still a talk about it. People a link me from all over the world," he said.

Shane O recently recorded a Gully Bop collaboration called Dem Have a Right Fi Sleep, plus he has a new single called Controversy.

"Right now, di ting up I plan to video Controversy. It a cause problem a road. Mi voice also for Andrew Blacks. So that song should touch radio soon," Shane O, whose real name is Roshain McDonald, said.

Shane O believes that the year 2016 could be the one for him to get his career back on track. He knows what it takes to be a star. At 16 years old, he came on to the music scene while still in high school with Lightning Flash on the Applause rhythm for Jahsnowcone Productions. The song topped charts all over the world. McDonald was still attending Kingston Technical High School when he was discovered by producer Rohan 'Sno Cone' Fuller in 2006.

Following this hit, Shane O continued to produce hit songs, including Crab Inna Barrel, Dogs In The Street, and Ghetto Prayer. He has also worked with numerous producers, including Jam 2 Productions and Stephen McGregor.

Fast-forward 10 years and Shane O is ready to climb to the apex of the music world.

"Now is my time," he said.

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