Starface creates buzz with new video


February 20, 2016
Contributed Starface

Fast-rising female artiste Starface is revelling in the success of her new video, Hold My Man.

The video, which was released on her official VEVO channel a few weeks ago, seems to be a hit, especially among young female dancehall fans. Loyal followers have been sharing video clips of themselves imitating the video daily. The song has already been added to several cable and TV playlists throughout the Caribbean and Europe. Radio stations have also been responding favourably to the artiste who survived major backlash after her debut performance at the recently staged Sting event.

Starface, who is signed to Canada-based label, Konsequence Musiq, said: "It's a good feeling. I am very grateful that this video is connecting with people, more than anything else. When the video started going up in the thousands, literally overnight, I was really surprised. Knowing I'm new to the industry, the positive feedback is extremely encouraging."

Starface is currently preparing to shoot another video, Ride Or Die, which is a collaboration with the King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man.

"Beenie is an icon in the dancehall music industry. It is a dream come true to work with such an iconic trendsetter. Ride Or Die is a song that a lot of couples can relate to. I can't wait for the world to enjoy the hard work we are putting into it," she said.

Starface emerged on the scene after a racy performance at Sting 2015 that became the centre of attention, as many believed she was the reason the police pulled the plug on the annual music show.

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