Up-and-coming dancehall artiste keeps his own funeral

February 22, 2016
Up-and-coming dancehall artiste, Real Overdose who faked his death recently

Just when you think you have seen it all, someone else will just blow your mind.

Aspiring dancehall artistes have gone lengths to gain recognition but many believe that newcomer, Real Overdose, has done the most drastic thing.

He planned and executed his own funeral recently. 

Community members say that the 'funeral' generated much traffic as persons were out in their numbers to witness the unbelievable display of "madness".

The make-believe funeral ceremony was nothing short of a real one. On the scene was a hearse, wreaths, mourners and even a coffin in which the up-coming artiste laid comfortably.

"How can someone play with death and put them self in dead coffin? Smh," one social media user commented.

"People he's an upcoming artist seeking publicity... so yes it works!! Whether u talk good or bad you still talk so he's getting the publicity he aimed at.. #missionAccomplished," another said.

The STAR understands that a wake also took place the night before the artiste's 'home-going' service.

That is definitely a real overdose.




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