Busy inspires austistic kids

February 23, 2016
Contributed Busy Signal performs for the children of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope in St. Andrew on Friday.

Recording artiste and humanitarian Busy Signal brought a message of hope and also some entertainment to students of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope in Elletson Flats, St Andrew, last Friday.

Through music, the entertainer with a heart of gold sang songs that livened up the afternoon for the hundreds of autistic children who attend the school.

The Randolph Lopez School of Hope, located on Golding Avenue, caters to autistic children who are high school age.

"The kids were enjoying themselves and the vibe. Through music, people learn a lot of stuff," Busy Signal told The Star. "Knowing the situation of most of the kids there, you just wanted to motivate them and let them know that life does not stop at an obstacle, you can get past it. Sometimes it takes a little while but you get past it."

It was the perfect message for the kids and was made possible by grade eight teacher Jillian Jarrett who reached out to Marline Reid, a distinguished president of the Kiwanis Club of Capital City Kingston. "In celebration of Black History Month, she wanted someone who the kids could relate to and she asked me to see if I could find one," Reid explained.

She reached out to Big Yard boss Robert Livingston, and he facilitated the visit by Busy Signal which everyone appreciated. It was also relief for her and the school, Reid explained, because in the past, other entertainers had been invited, but cancelled at the last minute.

Busy Signal was the first one ever to have kept his promise and everyone appreciated the gesture.

"The children responded well. They could relate to the encouragement he gave that they could achieve anything they set their minds to," she said.

Busy was also pleasantly surprised. "To my surprise, they knew some of the songs and sang along and enjoyed themselves," he said. "I am thankful for the experience as well. It was a blessing to pass through and build up their vibes."

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