Fire Links 'Tun It Up' on Kanye's track

February 23, 2016
Fire Links
Kanye West
Kanye West

Top-flight selector-producer Fire Links has reasons to feel great these days and is basking in the spotlight, as he was recently featured on a hip-hop track with heavyweights, Kanye West and Chris Brown.

The song, Waves, is one of 18 tracks on The Life of Pablo, the seventh studio album for controversial rapper Kanye, which was released on February 13.

When contacted by THE STAR, Fire Links said he felt pleased that his 'Tun It Up' slang was included on the track.

"It's definitely a great feeling, something like this never happen within my league as a selector. It's a great, great accomplishment. Me and Samboni deh a Hot Mondays a hold a vibes and somebody message him say Bubba did it again. I was so excited like when mi get mi sound and a hear it a play for the first time," he said.

Fire Links also told THE STAR that the feat is a great deal locally and internationally and means a lot to him personally.

"This is a whole new audience hearing my voice with a Grammy act (Kanye), who is also big on the international scene using my voice right through his track. This goes to show that hard work pay off. The slang (Tun It Up) do from bout 2000. You haffi just put in the work and hope for the best," Fire Links said.

Though not talking too much about the business side of being included on the track, he told THE STAR that this move would break down the doors for other selectors.

"This tops everything with selectors getting recognition on the international stage. A nuff cussing we get bout the noise, but it wasn't annoying, it was a joyful noise and it got recognised, thanks be to God on an international level," Fire Links said.

Meanwhile, Fire Links and his Fire Sound team are gearing to host the annual Hot Mondays awards and After Party on Easter Monday, March 28.

The event will be held at 3B Port Royal Street in Kingston and features a host of local and international sound/selectors, including Alonzo Hawk, Bumpy Cash, Supa Claude from New York and Nasheen Fire From Florida.

Dancehall artistes Popcaan, Beenie Man, Capleton and Sizzla are also on the bill.

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