Grillaras has hopes for Match Winner


February 24, 2016
Contributed Raswow (left) and Samboni

As far as producing goes Kurt 'Raswow' Sadler is definitely a name worth mentioning, since having contributed significantly to Jamaican music.

Raswow has worked with numerous names over the years and is one of the heads behind Grillaras Productions.

Raswow is working closely with up-and-coming artiste Samboni on Match Winner. The song is exclusively produced under the Grillaras label by Raswow and officially released early January through Fire Links.

Match Winner has been exceptionally received by the public and has been enjoying rotations on local and international radio. DJ Spoogy from Roots FM, especially, has been showing the song a lot of love, and it has been gaining traction in various dancehall parties.

"The song has been getting a lot of love, both the artiste and I are pleased with the reception. I am not very surprised, though. it is a very well-crafted song and, trust me, we worked very hard on this one," revealed Raswow.

This is not the first time Raswow has collaborated with Samboni. they worked together on various projects and the two have a great working relationship.

Additionally, Raswow and Samboni are working on the accompanying music video for Match Winner. fans can look out for this.

Raswow and his music partner, Khabir Bonner, both of Grillaras Productions, have co-produced and worked with artistes such as Lutan Fyah, Cecile, Richie Spice and up-and coming new artistes such as Silva, JahMalo, Sick Quick and Livity Musik and Dollie-Difference.

Raswow can be contacted via email at

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