Leftside scores with 'Money Talk'


February 24, 2016

'Money Talk', the latest single from deejay Leftside, has been creating a buzz on radio over the past few weeks. The song, produced by Keep Left Records is also gaining momentum in the streets at several weekly dances.

In a media release Leftside, whose real name is Craig Parks, explained how the song came about.

"It was a spiritual thing. Woke up one morning and the melody and lyrics was right there as if it was someone signing it in front of me. 'If yuh naa talk money to mi.. mi nuh waah hear nuttn'. So right away I went in the studio and put the beat and the song together," Leftside noted.

The song's clever lyrics and grinding beat make an impressive statement. Response from fans has been positive.


"The song has been getting instant positive energy from both radio and street. I have been doing one month promo in the street. Weekly dances such as Mojito Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays, Sexy Tuesdays, Nipples Tuesdays, Galis Wednesdays and Wappinz Thursdays. The song just a shell di place," said Leftside.

A video for Money Talk is to be completed shortly. The son of veteran musician and vocalist Lloyd Parks, Leftside emerged on the music scene as a disc jockey and later as a musician. As a beat builder, he has worked on many hit rhythms for some of dancehall's well-known producers.

Leftside is also promoting his recently released mix tape called Reset. It features Money Talk as well as Miss Legendary, which was produced by Seanizzle Records.

To listen to some of his new music, fans can log on to www.soundcloud.com/leftsideja. Fans can also follow him on social media via Instagram.com/leftsideja

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