Maffi, Tanya sizzles in Same Difference


February 24, 2016
Contributed Husband and wife, Buster and Liv played by Volier Maffi Johnson and Maylynne Lowe share a tender moment during Dahlia Harris' comedy play Same Difference. 

Well-loved comedic actor, Volier 'Maffi' Johnson, and hot television and stage actress Maylynne Lowe better known as Tanya Blackburn from 'Royal Palm Estate' and 'The Blackburns', are playing man and wife in Dahlia Harris' hit comedy play, 'Same Difference'.

The play is running at Phoenix Theatre (8 Haining Road), Tuesdays to Sundays.

Maffi, who has long been one of Jamaica's top actors, teams up with award-winning Maylynne, who has also starred in stage hits as Divorce Papers, alongside Oliver Samuels and Ghett' Out with Keith 'Shebadda' Ramsey to play the roles of the Goodmans.

The Goodmans are a nice looking couple of Dr Buster Goodman (Maffi Johnson) and his young wife, Liv, who is very interested in moving up in life.

The two have recently moved into their dream uptown dwelling only to find out, much to the dismay of Liv, that their neighbours are not so 'uptown'.


Enter the Barrs, headed by single mom Minnie, played by theatre veteran Deon Silvera, and her two children, her pretty dunce daughter, Candy, and her nerd son, Ivor, who is too bright for his own good. Both roles are played by talented young actors Shantol Jackson and Desmond Dennis.

Same Difference is the latest hit play from playwright/director Dahlia Harris whose award-winning productions include the gospel drama God Way 1 & 2, Thicker than Water and Ol'Fire Stick.

Same Difference will run at the Phoenix Theatre, Tuesdays to Saturday, at 8:30 p.m., and Sundays at 6 & 8:30 p.m. For information, contact 459-8382 or

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