Dr Love appeals to 'Heads of Government'


February 26, 2016
Dr Love

Reggae artiste Dr Love has made an impassioned plea to urgently address the matter of poverty and living conditions with his latest single, 'Heads of Government'.

"There are a lot of things going on in the country, which needs to be addressed, the cost of living getting high, the poor are getting poorer every day, government not looking out for the poor people. This is what I see. They let the Chinese into the country, but only to increase our suffering," Dr Love, born Christopher Wallace, said.

He recently shot a video for the project in May Pen, interacting with the people in the street and supermarket, scenes depicting endemic poverty and eroding infrastructure in certain areas. The video premiered on HYPE TV last Friday.

"The response to the video has been great. I am getting thumbs up from everyone. the single itself is getting a lot of airplay. I shot the video in May Pen. To get a real feel of what is going on, the poverty, that is why we have the market scene, the sufferation of the people," Dr Love said.

Dr Love has been described by music critics as one of the most talented songwriters to have emerged in reggae in the last two years.

The 33-year-old, born and raised in Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, has strong political views.

"People have lost hope in their government. They have failed to provide a system to stop young kids from wiping car-glass windows, and getting involved in gangs," he said.

Dr Love is also known for songs such as Why Should I Worry and Now I Am Strong. Learn more about him by visiting www.drlovemusic.com

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