Phorein connects with 'Better Pay'


February 26, 2016
Contributed Phorein

Connecticut-based artiste Phorein has made a big connection with his latest single, 'Better Pay'.

He makes some strong points in the song as he pushes the demand for better wages for suffering workers. His agenda is made clear as he campaigns for better social living conditions. Listening to the deejay as he brings these social issues to the fore, most would agree that he makes some valid points.

It is clear in the song that he is not on a bandwagon, but is, instead, batting for those who wants to see a change in their living conditions.

Just like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and all the other social commentators, the artiste, born Milton Jackson, who hails from Salt Spring community in Montego Bay, adds his voice to the political debate as he chants about some important issues.

"Mr Politician look what Jamaica come to? No wonder why poor people caan trust you. Wi tiad a you lies, go weh, you caan trick wi. Ghetto youths waan career opportunity. With these pay checks we caan raise a family. Dis ya system it set up fi fail wi/ Got all policeman a live offa bribery. Gi wi some quality jobs on the island," he sings in Better Pay.

Phorein is a protege of the late Christine Hewitt, and was a member of her CO2 band, then performing under the name Melo Yellow. With a new moniker, new direction, new energy and a new sound, Phorein has taken up the mantle to keep the conscious vibe flowing.

Other songs released by the artiste are Dreaming of a Better Day, Want to See I Fall, Brighter Days and Invest.

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