Savage hits number one in Trinidad


February 26, 2016

Dutty Fridaze recording artiste Savage will leave the island next week for a major show in Trinidad on the strength of his hit single, Culu Culu, which soared to number one on the major dancehall chart in that island.

The single has also hit the FIWI Choice top ten chart, which airs on TVJ, and the Street Mix top ten chart, which air on CVM.

"Right now, Culu Culu is one of the number-one dancehall tunes in Trinidad right now, especially like how Carnival done. It is playing on all the major stations that play dancehall in Trinidad like Red 96.7 FM. It is one of the freshest songs on the market. Everybody knows the song," Savage said.

The Culu Culu video has racked more than 170,000 views on YouTube in four months and is arguably the deejay's biggest hit song, enjoying regular spins at most major dances in the Corporate Area.

Savage will be shooting two videos for the dance singles, Mole Yu Back and Bruk Back, on Sunday.

"Big up to the selectors who ah give my songs ah big strength in the street dances all over Jamaica," he said.

While making a mark with club songs, Savage has also been doingsongs for the streets - diss songs such as Action Bwoy and Score, targeting rival deejay Alkaline.

"The songs, especially Action Bwoy, ah gwaan bad overseas. Nuff selectors ah request dubs and dem ting de. The career ah gwaan good, mi do a song with all Spragga Benz which will be released soon, so the ting up," a confident Savage said.

He can be contacted via Twitter and Instagram @savagesavo.

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