Supamodel Joelee promotes new singles

February 29, 2016
Contributed Supamodel Joelee

Overseas-based hip hop-dancehall-reggae artiste Supamodel Joelee is hoping to break into the music industry with her own brand of fusion music.

According to the model-artiste who merges dancehall, hip hop, and reggae to form her unique sound, dancehall and hip hop are forever connected.

"I'm bringing hip hop back to its roots, which is dancehall reggae," she told The STAR.

The artiste says that living between Jamaica and the United States has given her the opportunity to widen her field of vision as it relates to music and her creativity.


Joelee recently embarked on a relatively successful promotional tour of the United States. She has also released singles like Model Chic and PFAT, which is produced by DAGCK and DJ F Live.

According to the artiste, PFAT is a sexy record. "PFAT is sexy yet powerful and allows women to feel good about themselves while twerking out in the clubs or at home. The song has been generating a buzz on social media. The music video is also sexy and captivating, and I am sure viewers will be left in awe," she said.

The song also saw relative success on the charts, peaking at number 1 on Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) National Top 80 Independent Chart. Joelee is now gearing up to release her follow-up record, Love Letter. She also hopes to release her debut EP this year.

"I do music for everyone. No matter where you're from, you should be able to rock out to one of my songs. I am coming with fire, so be prepared," she added.

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