Gage gets buzz with 'Wish'


March 02, 2016
Gage was in full motion at last year's Sumfest.

Dancehall artiste Gage is pleased with the feedback to the video for his latest single, 'Wish', from dancehall fans worldwide.

"The response has been great, I wish that I did more songs like this. The response has been very favourable; crazy good comments. Mi feel good because this is my first video in two years. In Trinidad, Wish ah one of the hottest songs right now, which I found surprising because I thought Trinidad was all about fast-paced, jump-up, jump-up music," he said.

Fans have been raving on Facebook over the use of the WWWDD hashtag written on the street and filmed in a stunning aerial shot by a drone. He said he wrote the song while on tour in England.

"After the song was written, the WWWDD ting start on social media, with people saying that a lot online, so mi just run with the hashtag," he said, laughing.

Gage recently parted ways with his former management company, Dutty Fridaze Promotion.

"I am just moving on with my life. I have my talent, and mi grateful for everything that they did for me, but that is done now. Mi ah go rise again - seven times rise, seven times fall," he said.

He will be doing a series of shows in Canada and will embark on a month-long European tour in May. Established producers have been sending beats his way and the artiste plans to release a number of singles this year.

"Mi a work with producers who want to work with me. I will be voicing on Andrew Blacks' new rhythm. I just want everyone to know that I am ready to do some serious work," he said.

Gage is known for singles such as Throat and Kitty Kat, which have racked up millions of views on YouTube and VEVO.

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