RR balances fashion, image


March 02, 2016
File RR

Maintaining the right look and wearing the right outfit for that event or appearance is important for any recording artiste.

Singer RR strikes a balance with her fashion sense and imaging.

"I describe my style as world trend. What's hot and what's popping is what RR evolves. Regal is the definitive word that best describes how I portray myself, classy yet trendy," RR explained.

The artiste, whose single Forever is making an impact on radio (a remix featuring former TOK member Bay C is also making the rounds), said it's important for entertainers to push the fashion envelope.

"It is extremely important as a female artiste to have an image and to be able to keep up with that image. We are considered as eye candy and with that said, fashion and how I carry myself will leave a lasting impression on my young fans who want to imitate the trend," RR added.

RR, who has her very own Regal Recit (RR) T-shirt line, which is distributed locally, said she is most comfortable wearing anything that her mood represents.

"I'm most comfortable in anything from regal fitted dresses to regal sweats to regal casual suited tees and jeans. My attire represents my mood. When it comes to footwear, high classic pumps are tops on my list," she noted.

To maintain her complete look, RR is styled by Kameica Reid for all major events and music videos. Kimberley Patterson does her make-up, while Jillian Brown does her hair.

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