Empire I signs endorsement deal


March 03, 2016
Empire I

International recording artiste Empire I has landed a major corporate endorsement with Cover Girl Makeup, using the instrumental of 'Passion', one of her songs, in a series of five 'how to makeup tutorials' commercials for the brand.

The series of commercials is now airing worldwide, and are also available on YouTube.

"They like working with me because it is easy. I am one of the few females in the urban pop landscape that owns the masters to my music. I own my publishing. When you see Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Pink in Cover Girl commercials, you never hear their song because they never wrote it, or the songs were written in a big committee where everyone has a piece of the pie. In these cases, to get permission to use the music, it would literally take years, so they come to me as a one-stop shop because I own all my masters," she said.

Empire I is known for songs such as Come With Me, Ignite, Nana Power, Get Up On It, Passion, Bang Bang and La Pongo.

She has had song placements in numerous network and cable shows and her music has been used in advertisements for Cover Girl makeup featuring Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore. She recently landed another successful placement in HBO's popular comedy series, Girls, with her single Get Up On It being used in the promotional ads for the upcoming season.

Born in Wales to a Moroccan father and British mother, she was raised in Morocco. At seven, she moved to Montreal, where she lived with her two brothers, mother, and Ugandan/Yemeni stepfather.

Since 2012, Empire I has been collaborating with a variety of producers in and out of Jamaica, including Truckback, Jam 2, J. Hennessy, Sam Diggy, Frassman Brilli, and Rebel Camp Entertainment and Got It Records.

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