Radijah denies firing shots at street dance


March 03, 2016

Dancehall artiste Radijah is hoping to clear the air surrounding an incident that took place at a recent dance in Tower Hill.

According to several online stories which surfaced yesterday, the deejay was involved in an altercation with his former manger, Stasha 'Stashment' Smith of Stashment Records. It is said that, following the ordeal, shots were fired by members of the entertainer's entourage.

When the STAR spoke to the deejay, he confirmed that shots were fired at the event, but denied being involved in the incident.

"I did not fire any shot, I don't know who fired the shot. All I know is that I was at Side Chick Tuesday promoting my new song, Nutten Lickle, when Stashment forward inna the dance," he explained. "Then Stashment come bounce me and stand up behind me. Mi bounce her back, ease her off. She a walk with a yute name Bear and him a try style me, so mi diss him. She get back involved inna the argument and a promise me thump inna mi mouth."

He added that his ex-manager then took a swing at him and missed.

"She lift up her hand, and start swing after mi and miss, so mi rock her, then she stagger and drop," he said, explaining that his actions were in self-defence.

"A just defend mi a defend miself. Seconds after that, mi hear a loud explosion and her sister tun eediat and seh a me fire shot. From mi hear the shot, mi just tek weh miself. The dance mash up."

Radijah also told THE STAR that since they parted ways, his former manager has been trying to sabotage his career.

"A long time she a try fight me, she even tried to get Rags to Riches (his new label) not to link with Notnice to do production for me. She do a lot fi stop me and mi hold it," he said.

Up to press time, efforts to get in touch with Stashment for a comment on the incident were fruitless, as calls to her phone went unanswered.

The STAR then sought to find out whether Tuesday night's incident was reported to the police, but, when contacted, the Olympic Gardens police said they had no reports of any incident happening in the area on Tuesday night.

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